Objective of program

To provide reasonable computer resources to students who might otherwise lack acces to a computr outside of school or the library who would benifit academically from such accss and to assist in building better assocations between students and faculty.


Free Geek Olympia, GenTech

Source of Computers

Used computers donated for recycling

Type of computers

In most cases 230 to 700 MHz processors, 2-4 G hard drives, 128 M RAM, 3 1/2" floppy drive, CD disk drive, Internet access card, keyboard, mouse, Windows 98 or Linux operating system, and Open Office software. Some Macintosh units ae available primarily for Special Education program students.

Intended recipients

Middle school and high school students who have to use computer in school and who do not have access to a computer in their home. The are intended for academic purposes not entertainment. Proorit will be given to students under 16 years of age enrolled in programs where having access to a computer in their home would be a particular benifit.

What about students over 16 years old?

Freek Geek Olympia has a olunteer program wherestudents 16 and older may arn a computer by perfoming 24 hours of community service with Free Geek. Students who can participate in that program should be encouraged o do so.

How are computers delivered to the students?

If a student is awarded a computer the computer will be delivered to the teacher who has endorsed the student's aplication and the teacher will then pass it on to the student.

Why only Thurston County?

At present the Computer for Teens program and Free Geek Olympia are onl set up to operate in Thurston County. If their respectiv e programs are successful the program may be expanded into other areas in the future.

How can we get more information?

Contact Page Carter at or 360-943-5146

What about Technical Support?

When students receive their computers they will be eligable to participate, without cost, in the Capital High School Generation TECH student computer support program. Through this program, students will have acess to online problem solving resources, training, and telephone access to technical computer support.

Tech Support Hotline

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