The creative process

The path of least resistance
    Your life follows a past of least resistance like a river
    You canít simply change your life without changing the things that determine your path of least resistance
    The actions you take and decisions you make determine your path so in the end you control your destiny

Problem solving is not creating
    You canít create something based on what you donít want
    Donít seek prasie from others to determine if what you have created is a suceess or not
    If what you created in the end is what you initially enviosioned yourself creating then it was successful

    Donít try to control the process of creation too much because it will limit the possibilities of what can be created
    Assimilation is the stage of creating when you first start to take steps towards completion
    Consists of two phases-internal and external

Creative cycle
    Germination- positive energy you feel when you start something new
    assimilation- steps you take towards completion

Being true to yourself
    ďavoiding describing reality accurately is often a strategy to overcome negative reactions to our actionsĒ
    Societey tends to accept failure if you have a good enough excuse, but people shouldnít always rely on having excuses
    Donít dwell on the past too much, focus on the future

Probelm solving
    Problems lead to action
    Action leads to less intensity of the problem
    When problems arise you need to decide if they are even worth adressing, in a sense donít sweat the small stuff

    Accomplish many small tasks on the path of completion
    Momentum helps you to gain confidence
    It is better to gain momentum in the process of trying to create something than it is to try to accomplish the task all at once.

Final Stage
    When you finish something look back and reflect on what you have created
    There is no such thing as perfection, humans are imperfect
    Transcendence is the ability to be reborn and start anew, this is important if you fail at a goal or fail at creating something you had wanted to.   

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